Threefold Compassion

People ache for a real and life-giving connection to a sacred Source of love. We ache for vitality in our relationships, the workplace, and our everyday lives in ways that will satisfy the deep yearnings of our souls. Moreover, in a wounded and violent world, we ache for authentic ways to truly nurture reconciliation, healing, and the flourishing of all life.

In essence, we ache for a life of compassion: real experiences of being held in a compassionate love that extends beyond time and place; a vitality that embodies a sense of compassion for ourselves and for others; and a way of being in the world that offers a compassionate presence in the midst of brutality and brokenness.

Spiritual paths have always sought to cultivate such compassion in human lives.

Christianity, at its core, may be understood more as a spiritual path than as a religion. Following the life and teaching of Jesus, Christianity offers a way to participate in and express the compassion of God, the sacred Source.

Triptykos explores the Christian spiritual path as three distinct but interrelated movements that form an authentic experience of three-fold compassion:

  1. In the “contemplative movement,” persons are authentically connected to the sacred Source through cultivating an open, non-reactive awareness of and attitude toward the inner life. – Attention to this movement nurtures a personal experience of being held by and grounded in Sacred compassion.
  2. In the “creative movement,” persons are emboldened into lives of individual and relational vitality, personal power, and restored humanity. – Attention to this movement cultivates empowered compassion toward oneself and other persons.
  3. In the “engaged compassion movement,” persons engage the wounds and suffering of the world as agents of the peace, freedom, and healing that characterize the sacred Source. – Attention to this movement fosters compassionate presence and activity in and for the transformation of the world.

The compassion that lies at the heart of these three movements is cultivated through the Compassion Practice, a core spiritual practice developed by Triptykos and The Center for Engaged Compassion.