About Triptykos


Triptykos was founded in 2009, by three friends who wanted to address the lack of practical training in compassionate living and activism.  Grounded in the Christian tradition, Frank Rogers, Andy Dreitcer, and Mark Yaconelli were familiar with core Christian teachings to ‘love enemies,’ ‘pray for those who persecute you,’ ‘forgive others,’ and ‘love others as you love yourself’–the problem was no one taught how to embody these teachings in a practical way.

With the primary question: “How does a person become a radically compassionate person?” Frank, Andy, and Mark were given grants through the Center for Engaged Compassion at Claremont School of Theology, Prison Fellowship Canada, the Morrison Foundation (in Toronto, Canada), and 1440, to test a Christian approach to compassion formation.   With their experience in contemplative practice, Christian spiritual formation, pastoral ministry, spiritual direction, community activism, retreat leadership and teaching, Frank, Andy, and Mark began to develop a Christian approach to compassionate living that would deepen both the personal and communal life of ministers, non-profit organizations, churches, social activists, parents, children, and communities. This approach was tested with prison chaplains, church pastors, youth workers, social activists, non-profit leaders, sex abuse survivors, and small groups of leaders and activists from Washington D.C. to Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom.

The core teaching of Triptykos (which means “three-fold”) is based on the three-fold spirituality of Jesus: love God, love self, love other. Triptykos has developed a number of exercises that cultivate compassion and yet they all emerge from the “Compassion Practice” the central discipline within all programs and teaching.

In 2013, Triptykos launched their first public formation program: the Certificate in Engaged Compassion as well as public retreats. Triptykos also provides private consulting and formation programs for organizations and groups who seek to deepen their understanding and practice of engaged compassion.

To read more about recent activities, writings, and research of the school go to the Triptykos blog here. To find out event and program dates go to calendar. If you are interested in consultation or training for your community or organization go to the consultation page here.