Andrew Dreitcer

An aspiring harmonica player, Andy daydreams of moving to a cottage on the southern Oregon coast to paint full-time. Andy has directed a seminary program in spiritual guidance, spent 15 years as a Presbyterian pastor, and re-shaped his spiritual life during a year spent in the French community of Taizé. Co-author of Beyond the Ordinary: Spirituality for Church Leaders (Eerdmans), he has worked in prison-based restorative justice programs, built Habitat-style homes, and is currently exploring spiritual practices in light of neuroscience.

Andy serves as a professor of spirituality, director of spiritual formation, and executive director of the Center for Engaged Compassion at Claremont School of Theology. He lives in the San Francisco area with his wife, Steffani, and two daughters.

 Nancy Linton


A seasoned spiritual director, Nancy is a liturgist and a regular facilitator of summer contemplative retreats in Southern Oregon. Nancy is a creative person who enjoys designing prayer and worship spaces. You can often find her in her home up in the Greensprings Wilderness sitting at her pottery wheel. Nancy spent three decades living and working at the Oregon Extension in Lincoln, Oregon as a teacher of women’s studies. She is a regular volunteer at Trinity Episcopal Church in Ashland, Oregon.


Frank Rogers


Frank has directed plays, written a novel, starred in a low-budget Indie film, organized young people through political theater, and impersonated Bruce Springsteen, John Belushi, and his patron saint, James Taylor. A trained spiritual director and experienced retreat leader, he currently serves as professor of spiritual formation and narrative pedagogy and program director of the Center for Engaged Compassion at Claremont School of Theology.

Frank is the author of several books, including Practicing Compassion (Available Now through Amazon.) In addition to his novel, The God of Shattered Glass, and a number of articles on spirituality, peace-making, and formation, he has written Finding God in the Graffiti: Empowering Teenagers through Stories, which explores the role of the narrative arts (storytelling, drama, creative writing, and autobiography) in the spiritual formation of abused and marginalized youth. He lives in southern California with his wife, Dr. Alane Daugherty, and their three college-aged sons, Justin, Michael and Sammy.