IMG_4201The Way of Radical Compassion: Practicing the Spiritual Path of Jesus. Triptykos offers an Introductory Retreat to the teachings of the school entitled “The Way of Radical Compassion: Practicing the Spiritual Path of Jesus.” This retreat is not connected to the Certificate in Engaged Compassion, but does provide some of the basic teachings, practices, and skills of engaged compassion.  Retreats begin Thursday evening with dinner and end Sunday morning before lunch. Along with teaching and group practice led by retreat staff all retreats include individual spiritual direction, morning and evening prayer, covenant groups, periods of silence and solitude. Cost is $675 including all meals and single room accommodation. For dates and registration go here.

Other Retreats

The Certificate in Engaged Compassion begins and ends with a three day retreat. Each of the two retreats are open to the public and do not require enrollment in the certificate program. Retreats begin Thursday with dinner and end Sunday at noon. Cost for 12 Week Retreat-Hybrid Style is $1,750 (does not include food, housing and transportation, which are an additional $420 per retreat.) 

Upcoming retreats include:

IMG_4286January 28 -31, 2016: Practicing the Spiritual Path of Jesus:Cultivating the Compassionate Self.  Compassion flows naturally from the true self within us that bears the image of a compassionate God. Cultivating compassion, then, begins with becoming restored into our compassionate self. In essence, we first tend the logs in our own eyes before compassionately engaging the specks in others. This retreat teaches us how to notice and lovingly restore the irritations, fears, drives, and judgments within us that block our capacities for compassion. In learning how to love ourselves, we are then able to love our neighbor as ourselves.

April 21 – 24, 2016: Practicing the Spiritual Path of Jesus: Learning to ‘Love Your Enemies.’ Often, we hear Jesus’ invitation to love our enemies as a reprimand to hide our hostility and fake civility with people who trigger and repulse us. For Jesus, however, our enemies are our greatest spiritual allies. They reveal the unhealed suffering within ourselves that, when tended, opens a capacity to have compassion for the unhealed suffering in another. This retreat teaches how to take the ‘U’ turn when triggered and compassionately tend the shadows within ourselves; how to cultivate genuine compassion for those who trigger us or with whom we are in conflict; and how to then engage that person from a grounded, compassionate stance that maintains our own personal power while treating the other, even holding them accountable, with dignity and humanity.



All retreats take place at Mercy Center Retreat Center in Burlingame, California (15 minutes from San Francisco International Airport). Directions and information on Mercy Center can be found here.