Program Fees

Certificate in Engaged Compassion – Retreat/Hybrid Style

This includes two, four-day retreats and 16 weeks of online instruction and individual spiritual direction and counseling. The certificate program focuses on compassion-skill development and personal formation. Total enrollment for the certificate is limited. Cost is $1750 (not including food, housing, transportation). Must register by December 15, 2015 to begin program by January 28, 2016. To register go here. The program includes:

  • 12 weeks of online instruction surveying the basic practices and skills of engaged compassion.
  • Two, three-day, contemplative, instructional retreats led by Triptykos faculty members Frank Rogers, Nancy Linton, Andy Dreitcer, and Mark Yaconelli and a group of trained spiritual directors.
  • Weekly one-to-one interaction with a trained spiritual director
  • Weekly spiritual practices designed for use in daily life
  • Weekly interactions with others enrolled in the course
  • Skill-based online instruction on compassionate living within families, work, ministry, and the world.
  • Online instruction on compassionate living within families, work, ministry, and the world.
  • Practices and skills for working with difficult emotions and embodying a greater sense of self-compassion.
  • Practices and skills for working with difficult others including perpetrators, people who have wounded us, people we are in conflict with, and others we might call “enemies.”
  • A copy of the “Way of Radical Compassion” curriculum for use in local communities.
  • Mercy Center Housing and Food Cost –  $420 per retreat


Facilitator Certification in Engaged Compassion


Those participants who complete the The Certificate in Engaged Compassion may apply for “Facilitator Certification in Engaged Compassion.” Applicants who are accepted to the training and who complete a segment of supervised facilitator training, will receive a “Facilitator Certification in Engaged Compassion” as an indication of their preparation for teaching the “Way of Radical Compassion” curriculum. Entry into facilitator training program is by application and interview. Cost is $1,000 for Phase I and Phase II ($600 for Phase I and $400 for Phase II.)