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Triptykos in the U.K.

Looking Sideways at Greenbelt

by Facilitator on September 6, 2010

Mark Yaconelli spends 47 seconds exploring the theme “Looking Sideways” at the Greenbelt Arts and Justice Festival. For one person’s reflections on Greenbelt and Mark’s three keynote presentations read writer David Fletcher’s “Greenbelt Roundup” here.

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Two Workshops in U.K.

by Facilitator on August 20, 2010

Following the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham, Mark Yaconelli will present two, day-long workshops in the U.K. sponsored by the Church Urban Fund and the Center For Youth Ministry.  The workshops titled, “Wonder, Grief, and Longing: Tending the Adolescent Soul” are open to the public and included with registration is a copy of Mark’s new book, Wonder, Fear and Longing: A Book of Prayer.  The first event will be held in Birmingham on Wednesday, September 1.  The second will be at the Center for Youth Ministry in Oxford. For registration info go here.

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Loving Your Enemy at Greenbelt

by Facilitator on March 15, 2010

We’re excited about participating in the Greenbelt Arts Festival in Cheltenham, England in August of this year.  We hope to present three workshops on the theme “Loving Your Enemy,” see the descriptions below.  Mark Yaconelli will also present ideas from Triptykos in three talks on the main stage. 

Loving Your Enemy Part 1: The Nature of Love and Hatred
Ghandi once said the the genius of the Christian faith is Jesus’ teaching that it is possible to love your enemy.  We all have enemies.  We all yearn for our own healing, wholeness, and personal power before those we call “enemy” and for ways to be in relationship with them that do not sacrifice our own wellbeing and integrity.  This workshop will explore the physiology, psychology, and theology of loving enemies as a spiritual path for personal healing and authentic compassionate action. 
Loving Your Enemy Part 2: The Enemy Within
Through lecture, drama, discussion and spiritual exercise we will explore our internal responses to those who frighten, shame, and anger us.  Instead of forcing feigned civility for our enemies, we will engage in a process that nurtures authentic feelings of compassion toward our enemies by trusting that our fear, anger, and hatred are openings on a path of healing, as well as the places where God is most available.
Loving Your Enemy Part 3: Engaged Compassion 
In this workshop we use drama, spiritual exercises, lecture, and discussion to explore the nature of authentic reconcilliation and compassionate action. How do we reconcile with our enemies without sacrificing our own personal power, integrity, and wellbeing?  How do we go beyond “warm feelings” to engaging in real and effective action?  How can we follow Jesus in becoming compassionate agents of love in the world? 

Listen to Mark from his 2007  Greenbelt presentation entitled “Failure, Frustration, and Loss:”

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