True Tales of Letting Go

by Facilitator on March 26, 2010


“You can’t take it with you when go,” says the old country ballad, and yet we spend most of our lives hoarding and hanging on.  We’ve found six brave souls to entertain and enlighten you with six true tales of letting go, often against their own will.  Join host Mark Yaconelli  for a night of music, wine, and good old fashioned storytelling as Fred Grewe, Candace Doyle, Ellen Corey, Alison Asher, Helen Whitcomb, and Joseph Friedman share true stories of change.  Music by Wendi Stanek and Duane Whitcomb with special guest Kites and Crows. 

Where: Ashland Community Center, Ashland, Oregon.

When: April  15th, 7 to 10 pm

Cost: $5 minimum donation

All proceeds go to WinterSpring Center: Transforming Grief and Loss and Ashland Community Hospital Hospice

Sponsored by:

 The Hearth:Real Stories by Regular Folks and

Triptykos: Repairing the World through Contemplation, Creativity, and Compassion

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