Into the Wild: Wilderness Tales

by Facilitator on May 10, 2010


Wildfires.  Mountaintreks.  Sea storms.  Jungle fever. Ecological conversions.  Attacked by monkeys.  Join us for a night of wilderness tales–true stories of human beings encountering nature, with educator Lorenzo Mussell, poet Nancy Bringhurst, activist Dot Fisher-Smith, botonist Tresa King, environmentalist Laurel Sutherlin, longshoreman Jack Wendt, and naturalist Carole Gale.  Hosted by Mark Yaconelli with music by Duane Whitcomb and the Ashland Mountain Boys.   May 13, 7-10 pm at Ashland Community Center, $5 donation.   All proceeds benefit the Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center. Sponsored by Triptykos and The Hearth: Real Stories by Regular Folks.

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