International Mind & Life Event April 26-29

by Facilitator on February 7, 2012

Claremont’s Center for Engaged Compassion is co-sponsoring the inaugural 2012 International Symposia for Contemplative Studies on April 26-29 in Denver.

Facilitated by the Mind & Life Institute, the Symposia are a collaborative effort among centers and laboratories around the world to explore the correlates and consequences of contemplative practice, and bring together world-renowned researchers, scholars, teachers, and students in keynote addresses, master lectures, panels, and workshops.

Andrew Dreitcer will be one of the presenters for a panel on “Contemplative Science & the Relational Dimension: From Stress Regulation to Empathy and Compassion,” along with Princeton’s Brent Field, Max Planck Institute’s Tania Singer, Scripps’ Michael Spezio, and Institute of Noetic Sceince’s Cassandra Vieten.

Download the event postcard, and register now to reserve your spot.

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