How Do You Love Your Enemies?

by Facilitator on May 30, 2013

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Jesus says, “Love your enemies.”

But how do you love when your enemy is

your persecutor,

your co-worker,

your neighbor,

your parent,

your child,


The teachers at Triptykos School of Compassion have spent the past five years developing a Christian approach to compassion formation through our work with pastors in Zimbabwe, prison chaplains across Canada and the U.S, sexual abuse survivors, Democrat and Republican staff members in Washington D.C., non-profit leaders, social-justice activists, youth workers, and ministers in a variety of church and public settings.

Triptykos now offers The Certificate in Engaged Compassion, a practical spiritual formation program for persons who seek to deepen their skills and capacities for compassionate living. The program is ideal for ministers, organizational leaders, social justice activists, teachers, parents, and anyone who seeks practical training in compassionate living.

Grounded in the life and teachings of Jesus, this program transforms the desire to love God, self, and others into practical actions that heal oneself, individuals, families, organizations, and the larger world. Taught by Mark Yaconelli, Dr. Frank Rogers, and Dr. Andy Dreitcer from Claremont Lincoln’s Center for Engaged Compassion, the Certificate in Engaged Compassion offers a mixture of retreat, one-on-one spiritual direction, online instruction, weekly spiritual practices, group processes, readings, and radical Christian teachings for personal and social transformation.

The course is available for CEU and academic graduate credit through Claremont Lincoln University. It includes an opening retreat in beautiful Burlingame, Calif. Jan. 23-26, 2014, twelve weeks of online instruction, and a closing retreat Apr. 24-27, 2014.

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