Frank Rogers: “Reaching Out to God”

by Facilitator on March 9, 2012

The Center for Engaged Compassion has been commissioned by Prison Fellowship Canada to develop a compassion formation curriculum.  The curriculum will be titled “Cultivating Compassion in an Unforgiving Age.”  There will be an announcement about this project coming within the next few weeks. As part of the project, we will be working with individual congregations who are seeking to become “Compassionate Communities.”  Last weekend Frank Rogers and Mark Yaconelli traveled to Smithville, Ontario to St. Luke’s Anglican Church.  Ellie Clitheroe is the pastor of St. Luke’s and also the Executive Director of Prison Fellowship Canada.  Ellie invited us to meet with her congregation which hopes to participate in the Compassionate Community Project.  We arrived on a Saturday night just in time for an all-church dinner at which Frank Rogers was invited to stand and speak on the subject of compassion.  A church member recorded the talk while kids played, church members visited, and homemade pie was served.  You can watch the talk below.

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