Andy Dreitcer Presents on Contemplative Practice and Compassion at Brown and Stanford

by Facilitator on March 20, 2013

Andy Dreitcer was an invited presenter-participant at a staff in-service gathering of Brown University’s neuroscience-related “Contemplative Development Mapping Project (CDMP)” January 3-5, at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre MA. (For a description of the CDMP, see this interview with its director.) His presentation, “Roles of Imaginal-Affective Relationality in Compassion-Oriented Christian Contemplative Practices” was the group’s introduction to practices within the Abrahamic traditions, was followed by presentations on Muslim and Jewish practices, and was preceded by presentations on Dharmic practices. Until this gathering, the CDMP had focused on neuroscientifically “mapping” only Buddhist practices.

In March, Dreitcer was the guest speaker for Stanford’s compassion-cultivation training program. His presentation focused on the nature of compassion-formation within Christian contemplative practices.

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